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Mil-Tec Black Cobra

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2Cr13 Steel
Casing of hilt: Aluminum
Pouch: 100% Nylon
Total length: 11,5 cm
Length casing: 7,5 cm
Pack size: 7,5 x 3,2 x 2 cm
Weight: ca. 103 g

- miniature version of known multi tool with lanyard
- all tools can be pull out with one hand
- locking mechanism enables safe and exact work
- 9 tools are available
- pliers, file, 2 flat-blade and one Phillips screwdriver, tin opener, bottle opener, knife, saw
- a daily companion for indoor and outdoor
- including pouch and gift box


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GTIN 4046872393686
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Valmistaja Mil-Tec
Arvonlisävero 24 %
Lisätty 6.10.2020

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